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Letter from Sr. Antonieta N. Ribo, OSB Cel.

It's that time of an era again that The Benedictine-Celestine Monastery is asking for your support in building a Chapel in honor of St. Peter Celestine which will be built in front of the Monastery.  


Our Benedictine-Celestine Monastery Monks and Sisters hold a constant prayer because we want each member of our community to have a chance to have a Chapel,  a place to pray because they desperately want to be here with us to pray.  Will you help us with this opportunity?


We have volunteers and we expect more people who will volunteer.  However, we are desperately in need of financial support to finish the mission. Each of us never stops on our knees praying that one day we will be able to finish our Chapel.


The Benedictine-Celestine was originally founded by Saint Peter Celestine in Italy based on the Benedictine Way of Life.  We have limited financial means but our motivation to serve God is an understatement for our dedication.


As we continue to pray for you, your gift of support will have a significant impact on our community to grow deeper in our relationship with God.


Thank you and the goodness of Jesus Christ throughout the years to come may continue to Bless you.


Sincerely Yours,


Sr. Antonieta N. Ribo, OSB Cel.
Local Superior

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